The potential storage capacity of a garage is almost always overlooked! In most cases when the floor is full we believe the garage is full. To evaluate your garages’ potential look at the wall space showing above, around and beside all that you have in it now. This is the space you can gain!

The three focuses of a garage system at Closetpro are durability, function and beauty. Let’s discuss durability first. At Closetpro our garage systems are fastened to the wall at more points than any other system with an additional ledge lag bolted for extra support . Closetpro knows that the items stored in a garage are far heavier and the volume of each cabinet is greater than a typical shelving unit. This method allows us to lift the cabinets off the floor for ease of cleaning. We also use additional hinges on our doors to prevent sagging and the wobbly door effect. When wider shelves are required we use 1″ thick material.

Now about function. The goal is to create spaces large enough to hold your biggest items while maintaining the necessary room to park your car and move around freely. Using large deep cabinets with work stations in the open areas and narrow shelving and wall track systems
in the tighter places will help max out your storage potential.

Last but not least…beauty! Placement of cabinetry, keeping as much as possible behind doors will help you maintain a garage that’s in keeping with the interior of your home. Whether you’re looking for a high tech metallic with colored LED lights and stainless steel work surfaces or the warm look you get from woodgrains and butcherblock, Closetpro has a wide variety of materials and accessories to choose from.

Customer Review

“We saved so much space with the garage organizer and cabinets installed by ClosetPro. We started with a mess and ended up with tons of space!” Jane