Life Is Organized.

Even though I don’t have a walk-in closet with spinning shoe racks, lighted display cases and room for lounge chairs, it doesn’t make closet organization any less important to me.

Having the ability to find what I need, feel good in what I have, and get dressed with ease and peace — sets the tone of my entire day.

So today I want to share my top 6 reasons I love my closet.

Actually they’re my top favorite closet organization tools. 😉

0:40 #1
0:58 #2
1:25 #3
1:46 #4
2:08 #5
2:29 #6

Do you think any of these organizers can help you in your closets?
OR, better yet, do you have another organizer that you love that you’d be kind enough to share? 

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xo, Mridu