Every person is bound to have a closet that’s cluttered and needs to be cleaned out. However, most people dread the task of cleaning their closet out, fearing that it will be both time-consuming and monotonous.

However, did you know that there is a strategic way to empty and organize your closet? Below, you’ll learn about eight steps you can take to clean out your closet in record time.

Step #1: Organize Your Clothes By Their Category

Before you begin anything, do not clean your entire closet out. It’s important to first organize everything before you start removing items from your closet. You can start by removing your clothes from your closet before anything else.

Next, organize your clothes by their category. Keep all shirts together in separate piles, both long and short-sleeved. Pile your pants together in a similar pile. If you have any accessories, such as scarves, boots, belts, etc, then sort them into separate piles as well.

Ultimately, you should have quite a variety of different categories that will make sorting your clothes easier. Once you’re done, go ahead and move on to the next step.

Step #2: Empty and Clean Your Closet

Now, once your clothes have been thoroughly organized, you can proceed toward emptying and cleaning your closet. The reason why this step is important is for three main reasons:

  • You need to understand what’s cluttering your closet.
  • You need to empty all trash and unnecessary items from your closet.
  • You need to see how many clothing items you have in your closet and create a strategy for maximizing your closet space.

For this job, you’ll need a trash can (or garbage bags may work), a broom, and a dustpan to ensure that your closet is spotless.

Step #3: Design Your New Closet

With your closet clean and empty, it’s now time to visualize what its new design will look like. For example, are you looking to arrange your shoes at the bottom of your closet or the top?

How are you going to hang up your pants and shirts, while making necessary space for your hats and scarves? Ideally, your design should be minimalist and efficient since the ordinary person doesn’t have much closet space.

Also, your new closet design should look drastically different than your old design to avoid cluttering your closet again.

Step #4: Insert Your Clothes into the Closet by Category

After you choose the new design of your closet, go ahead and store your clothes in there by their category. This can be done in a manner that accommodates your new design.

Ultimately, all of your clothing items should be grouped regardless of where they are located. This is how most unsorted closets look, but there is a noticeable difference here.

Don’t place shoes in different locations in your closet, even if there is not enough space for them in one location. Part of implementing a new design is selecting a space that accommodates each clothing item.

Your new closet should be sorted much differently and allow more space for all of your clothes.

Step #5: Try Using Coordinating Hangers

If you’re trying to save space and want your categories to be more apparent, try using coordinating hangers. These hangers are a variety of color-coded and grouped hangers.

You can either purchase the same color hangers for precise categorizations, or you can buy a single group hanger that can hold multiple clothing items on other hooks. This way, you can see your categories immediately upon opening your closet.

Step #6: Stack Thick Items in Your Closet

You don’t have to place all of your clothing items on hangers. For items like sweaters and denim jeans, you can simply stack them on available shelving. Thick clothing tends to make hangers useless.

If you decide to hang them up, they’ll overlap and touch each other, taking up more space in your closet. You can save a lot of room in your closet by allocating a designated space for all of your thick clothing, especially winter clothes.

Step #7: Separate Other Specialty Clothing

In addition to stacking thick items in your closet, you should do the same for workout clothes, pajamas, and t-shirts. If you have the available space, make sure to pack all of these clothing items in storage boxes.

This way, you can access them when you need to without them taking up too much space in your closet. Closet hangers should only be reserved for clothes that you wear regularly.

You don’t need to clutter your closet with clothing items you will wear once a week or every blue moon.

Step #8: Make Your Most Used Clothes Visible

One of the worst feelings ever is when you’re in a rush and spend countless minutes trying to find clothes to start your day. Make your most-used clothes easily visible and accessible by storing them at eye level.

If you have uniforms, clothing favorites, and everyday shoes, make sure you can locate them immediately after opening your closet. This will not only add to more open space in your closet, but it will also make it more convenient for you to take items out of your closet in case you have a busy morning.

Organize Your Closet Today!

As you can see, organizing your closet can be done in as little as 30 minutes! However, there are organizer accessories you can use to make the process happen much smoother.

Take a look at these accessories if you’re planning to clean out and organize your closet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any questions about how to organize your closet? If so, you can find some meaningful FAQs down below.

How long does it usually take to organize a closet?

  • This depends on the size of the closet and the number of clothing items you have. Though, it could take at least 30 minutes to get the job done.

What are the best accessories to organize a closet?

  • Pull out pants racks are very popular for saving space while holding several pairs of pants in a closet.

How much does it cost to organize a closet?

  • Fortunately, organizing a closet is relatively inexpensive. You can spend less than $50 purchasing accessories for your new closet design.