Keeping your closet organized can be a hassle, especially considering that most people lead busy lives. In fact, the closet is one of the quickest rooms to get cluttered and dirty over time.

You shouldn’t have a disorganized closet. Since your clothes, shoes, and other accessories are stored here, keeping your closet clean is definitely in your best interest.

Otherwise, you could spend countless minutes trying to find your favorite clothes. Also, you could run the risk of your clothing items falling out of your closet when you open the door.

If you’re wondering if you need to reorganize your closet, here are six ways you can accurately make that decision.

1. You Have Too Many Clothes

One of the easiest ways to tell if your closet needs to be reorganized is that you have too much stuff in there. Most people buy clothes without remembering how much closet space they have.

What usually happens is that their closets are cluttered, and they have to find creative ways to make the available space work. If you have too many clothes and limited closet space, then you need to ultimately make a sacrifice and sell or donate some of your existing clothes.

It may be discouraging to do this, but cluttering your closet is never a great idea. Alternatively, you can try implementing a minimalist closet design to accommodate your collection of clothes.

2. Your Closet Doesn’t Have an Ideal Design

Again, most people don’t pay much attention to the design of their closet. When they buy clothes, they simply dump them in their closet in a disorganized fashion. Over time, their closets will become cluttered and they’ll lose valuable space.

Don’t neglect the design of your closet, or you could end up throwing away valuable clothes that could actually fit in your closet. By redesigning your closet, it could potentially hold more clothes and accessories.

3. You’re Not Using Adaptable Accessories

Your needs will change over time. You will likely purchase different sizes of clothes, different accessories (hats, scarves, etc), and require creative storage. If this is the case, then why aren’t you using adaptable accessories in your closet.

For example, most closets utilize a hanging rod. This may be suitable if you’re new to the home, but what if you begin to buy more clothes that can’t fit on the rod. All of a sudden your closet is going to become cluttered, and most of these clothes are going to eat away at its available space.

Adaptable accessories like baskets, shelves, and drawers will help you to accommodate your changing needs as they happen. When you begin to buy sunglasses and boots, you can properly place them in your closet that can suit them.

4. There Isn’t Enough Storage

Ultimately, it all comes down to the amount of storage you have in your closet. If you just don’t have enough storage, it doesn’t matter what design you employ. Nothing is ever going to work unless you make a few important decisions.

Here are a few alternatives you can try if you decide that there isn’t enough storage in your closet:

  • Decide on selling or donating clothes you haven’t used in a while.
  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore.
  • Decide if some accessories belong in your closet.

There are naturally going to be a lot of different decisions to make if you want to make your available closet space work. Fortunately, you can work with the storage you have if you make smarter decisions.

5. You Aren’t Using Storage Accessories

Storage accessories can help elevate even the smallest closet. For example, a pull-out pants rack won’t take up much space in your closet. Yet, it can hold all of your pants and display them when you’re ready to choose.

A pull-out laundry basket can also help you to store clothes more efficiently in your closet. Storage accessories can help you use small crevices in your closet and optimize all areas in your closet for proper storage.

ClosetPro provides a wide variety of different storage accessories you can access to make your closet a more comfortable space.

6. You Haven’t Treated Your Closet With Love

Think about the way you treat the storage in your kitchen. There is storage for nearly every item in your kitchen, a pantry, and cabinets all around to hold your precious possession.

Even with all of this space, people usually don’t clutter their kitchens and pay close attention to where each item is being placed. Closets usually never get this type of love and attention.

Organizing your closet the right way can help you save time and money in the long run. Instead of treating your closet like an afterthought, put the time and effort into making sure your space is being properly used.

Organize Your Closet Today!

As you can see, keeping your closet organized is extremely important. There are many ways you can tell if your closet needs to be reorganized, but just knowing isn’t the solution.

ClosetPro supplies the resources you need to organize your closet despite the amount of space you have. Are you interested in learning more? If so, click here to view all of our closet accessories to decide on the product you want to use for your closet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any questions about organizing your closet? If so, here are some FAQs you can refer to for more information.

What is the best way to organize a closet?

  • Emptying your closet, cleaning it out, and decluttering the space is the best way to organize your closet within a few minutes.

Are closet organizers worth it?

  • Closet organizers are not only affordable, but they also create more space in your closet, making them worthwhile additions to your home.

Which closet system is the best?

  • There isn’t a definite answer here since all closets are different. Ideally, you should measure your closet and create a design that will utilize the space efficiently.